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International Mail Art Exhibition Fundamental Ephemeris II at the Exhibition hall of the Goethe University Frankfurt

From Tuesday July 14th to Friday July 17th 2015 the international mail art exhibition Fundamental Ephemeris II took place at the Exhibition hall of the Goethe University Frankfurt at the Department of Art Education. 30 artists from Europe, USA, Asia and Africa were invited to send their works by mail to the exhibition space. The drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures and video works were all kept within the format of 21 x 29,7 cm (Din A 4), small enough to be sent by mail.

The exhibiting artists were Faris Barakat, Khaled Barakeh, Florence Bechu, Alexander Bühler, Marina Cerea, Linda Cunningham, Robyn Doty, Carolyn Flood, Raul Gschrey, Jutta Heun, Won-Seok Hong, Yoonjung Kim, Wolfgang Klee, Dirk Krecker, Line Krom, Kerstin Lichtblau, Llobet & Pons, Mona Löffler, Kate Mahony, Rhea O’Neill, Pirjo Pulkkinen, René Schohe, Susan Sluglett, Annegret Soltau, Mamadou Touré aka Béhan, Annika van Vugt, Friederike Walter, Max Weinberg, Bas van Wieringen and Tammy Wolsey

In 2013 my partner Jutta Heun and me initated the Mail Art Project “The Magic Cube” in 2013. Curious to find out what the informal exhibition format would have to offer in the area of globalisation and e-mail. (There will be some reflections on that topic in the catalogue Fundamental Ephemeris accompanying the exhibition. Going to be published by the end of August 2015.) In September of the very same year we organised our first mail art group show with works of 32 international befriended artists at the Bronx Art Space in New York. Friends from Europe and the Americas send their works to New York. The art works were on display from 1st to 14th of September 2013. (Further information here). Now two years later with the support of the Department of Art Education and Prof. Dr. Adelheid Sievert head of the Alumni Association of the Department Jutta Heun and me received the opportunity to organise another group show inviting art practitioners from around the globe to present their works at the Exhibition Hall of the Goethe University Frankfurt.

Like in the first show “Fundamental Ephemeris” the exhibtion’s theme is “Time” in a very broad sense. The submitted works deal with the topic in various ways. Following I will give a few examples. The relationship between the photographic image and time became quite a big aspect of this exhibition. Images in a sequence can form to a moving image which we all know from the cinema. Image in a sequence is the topic of Pirjo Pulkkinen’s work “Aika Liikeh” (2015). Faris Barakat presented excerpts of his image archive of the Israeli Westbank Barrier. He shot his photographs for eight years in a row, each year between 2005 to 2013. Khaled Barakeh withholds the image from the viewer – no one except the artist himself knows what depiction is hidden behind the cryptic code of the gallery note. An artist embracing the moment is Mamadou Touré aka Behan, who is based in Dakar while travelling through Frankfurt captured precious and fragile moments of live and joy.

The reoccurring of death in life is also an important aspect of the exhibition, Alexander Bühler quotes the “Danse Macabre” of the Mexican Day of the Dead, Carolyn Flood reflects in her very personal work on the relation between mother and daughter, which she considers as “ties which can produce the feeling that her life spreads out through generations.“ (C.F., 2015). Florence Bechu’s poetic video work “Le Dernier Soupir“ caputures the last breath.

Either as an ongoing orgiastic phantasy or terrifying never ending nightmare one could describe the works of Max Weinberg, Wolfgang Klee and Annegret Soltau.

In contrast Bas van Wieringen reflects on the postitiv aspects of the “what happend if” in his video “Possibilities”.

From different perspectives the artists Yoonjung Kim, Line Krom and Marina Cerea take repetition as an agglomeration of time into account.

René Schohe focus on the ephemeral and immediate. His work “Sound Schnecke (Sound Snail) (2015)” is sound responsive to it’s surrounding. Dirk Krecker’s retro-like typewriter images visually recall a pre-computer or maybe an early DOS-era. Both artists Dirk Krecker and René Schohe also work with sound. On Friday night René Schohe, Philipp Russeger and Peter Fey presented their sound project Messy Brothers fusing electronic avant-garde, club music and classic cello. They were followed by Dirk Krecker and his collaborator Martin Bott, who together form Monorain. They presented live-electronic. Hardware only. No presets.
F.E.II Catalogue

A catalogue featuring the art works of 60 artists presented in both shows will be available end of August 2015. Texts by Aline von der Assen and Jutta Heun. Art works by Geza Adasz, Faris Barakat, Khaled Barakeh, Walli Bauer, Florence Bechu, Christoph Borowiak, Alexander Bühler, Marina Cerea, Linda Cunningham, Eric Decastro, Robyn Doty, Sibylle Feidt, Carolyn Flood, Aleksandra Frankowska, Charles Geiger, Raul Gschrey, Dede Handon, Jutta Heun, Cordula Hofmann, Dieter Hoffmeister, Max Holicki, Ina Holitzka, Won-Seok Hong, Yoonjung Kim, Wolfgang Klee, Gudrun Klöckner, Eva-Maria Kollischan, Dirk Krecker, Line Krom, Jens Lay, Kerstin Lichtblau, Monika Linhard, Llobet & Pons, Mona Löffler, Nestor Madalengoita, Kate Mahony, Bernd Metz, Loizos Olympios, Rhea O’Neill, Max Pauer, Anja Priska, Zeesy Powers, Pirjo Pulkkinen, Anke Röhrscheid, Chris Shaw, Eva Scheuter, René Schohe, Susan Sluglett, Annegret Soltau, Wang Ip Sszto, Astrid Stricker, Mamadou Touré aka Béhan, Annika van Vugt, Friederike Walter, Max Weinberg, Eva Weingärtner, Birgitta Weimer, Bas van Wieringen Tammy Wolsey und Maha Zarkout.

You will find some more details and images in this interview of Günther Michels (German only)