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shaped by ambition: catalogue launch at Blyth Gallery

Blyth Gallery, Imperial College, London
Level 5 Sherfield Bldg Imperial College
Exhibition Rd, London SW7 5NH
United Kingdom


Blyth Gallery cordially invites you to celebrate the catalogue launch of the current group exhibition shaped by ambition. Showing works of Christoph Borowiak, Alexander Bühler, Zachary Eastwood-Bloom, Henry Hussey, Dirk Krecker, Line Krom, Jens Lay and Eleanor Morgan, curated by Aline von der Assen.

Meet the artists, enjoy a glass of wine and canapés on Thursday 5 January 2017 from 6 – 8.30 pm.


From the catalogue:

Machines democratize working methods, whereby the idea of the network becomes quadrangular. Both the ambitions and the techniques are made visible and the multiple approach to concepts and definitions destabilizes the idea, while the paraphrases separate a compatible selection and theorize visual distances of the existence. Every digital machine is sometimes visual. Ambition and technology are an equivalence and an experimental background.“ (created by

Through an algorithm social codes in the art context are made explicit and turned into a parody. Abstract codes manifest in the text and become reality and hence shape reality: my affects and my reaction towards this social code. But the parody is just one aspect of Taking a closer look at the text itself, it could also be understood as poetry: the choice of words, their sound and rhythm come into fore and address rather the aesthetic perception than enhancing a rational understanding. It is obvious that this text does not function as rational explanation for shaped by ambition or any other exhibition. Through the denial of its functionality the text becomes autonomous and therefore poetic. I am fascinated with the idea that technology creates aesthetic products by itself. This serendipity has an astonishing effect on me: I allow myself to imagine the machine, as a subject, being a producer of aesthetics. I am aware that this is just my projection. The machine has no consciousness. It does not want to tell me anything. I am the one to see meaning in what the machine produces. (…)



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