Last days of „Once in a blue Moon“ at Galeria OFF Piotrowska

Once in a blue Moon

12 september – 27 september 2015

///Galeria OFF Piotrkowska// ul. Piotrkowska 138/140// 90-062 Łodź, Polska///

The title of the show picks up on an English saying describing a rarely occurring event. Despite the literal delineation the moon actually does not appear blue. A “blue moon” is a calendarical event, – a full moon occurring twice in a calendar month. This happens once in every 2,4 years.

Once a year with the beginning of the winter term OKO launches it’s new program. OKO is an artist’s run art school providing art classes for people from every background and age expanding the participants experience through art and aesthetic learning. Now for the second time in a row OKO assigned me as curator to pick up fresh art works to inspire it’s students.

This year I chose the colour Blue as leitmotif for the show intending to create an aesthetical sensitivity for colour schemes. According to surveys Blue appears to be the world’s most popular colour. Therefore many brands such as Facebook, IKEA and Nivea pick up that colour scheme. Many objects we unconsciously choose for our every day surrounding have the colour blue as we associate it with elegance, harmony, peace, trust, serenity and union.

The selected works in “Once in a blue Moon” are very sensuous and often address collaboration between artists and lay people.


The blueness of the skies always created a desire of longing for mankind to dive into and escape. Taking planes as a metaphor for escape political strangulation and pressure Iranian artist Niloufar Shirani paints and designs plane installations on her own and in collaboration with children.

Once in a Blue Moon Rodney Dee

The British artist Rodney Dee states„The colour blue is synonymous with the spirit, the sky, the water, the immaterial and the remote. … no matter how tactile and close-up it is, the colour blue is always about distance and disembodiment.“ Often his work is assembled of many individual shots or print outs of the very same image. This technique hints on the process of production through repetition.

„mooning/ gninoom“ from „Our first years together (series)“ made in a collaboration between the British artist Mindy Lee and her son J.A.L-B. „Having a baby has radically altered my sense of self, transforming from singular, to a fused identity into a new hybrid state.” The painting technique refers to the Rorschach print, a psychological test. „This print (…) evolves from one gesture being brought together and pulled apart to create two interdependent images. The cut slices the paintings in-two to create a gap which allows the two halves to develop into individual paintings.“

Polish artist Aleksandra Frankowska too reflects on family and parenthood through painting. Her recent works blend images of her childhood with pictures of raising her own son. While the images reflect on repetition of social patterns the colour blue all enwraps the sceneries into timeless distance.

The snapshots of German photographer Max Pauer often convey a subtle humorous punch line. He seeks out for the funny and grotesque. His recent series “Moscow” is about the political and social ambiguities in contemporary Russia.


Mamadou Touré aka Béhan lives and works in Senegal. He is well known for his documentary photography and publishes his work in African and European magazines since 1989. His works ranging from panoramic landscape motives to newsworthy social and political issues.

“I want someone else to see the solitude, the alienation and the attraction hidden in the geometric form.” states Polish artist Krzysiek Ślaziński. He is searching for rhythm and repetition as constructive element through photography. He focuses on constructive elements of architecture which create an urban rhythm.

Susan Sluglett is a painter from Great Britain. Her blue flower still lifes create an extraordinary visual experience for the viewer: colour fields, vivid brush strokes, broken lines and nasty varnish runs, all together moon flowers, morning glories, tulips and hydrangeas vibrantly jitter in front of one’s eyes.

„Untitled (after A. Truitt)” are edible minimalistic sculptures by German artist Line Krom who deals with the supporting system of the gallery space, gallery assistants and the audience. For the duration of the show the sculptures will more and more disperse as they will be consumed by the audience.

Collaboration between artists and lay people is an integral part of this show as it is an approach of OKO to create an awareness and understanding for contemporary art. Therefor we take this engagement for aesthetical awareness, visual research and participation in arts even further and invite the visiting public to submit blue coloured everyday objects building a collection in all shades of blue. Both art works and everyday objects will be on display and for sale in the gallery for the duration of the show.

Once in a Blue Moon Catalogue

Review wyborcza review: Natalia Wolniewicz: Off Piotrkowska. Niecodzienne zdarzenia na niebiesko. In:,35153,18800898,off-piotrkowska-niecodzienne-zdarzenia-na-niebiesko.html 12.9.2015

Review plasterlodzki review: Once in a blue moon w Galerii OFF Piotrowska. In: 12.9.2015


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