Archiv für den Monat Mai 2014

il faut imaginer S. heureux letztes Wochenende

Die Ausstellung il faut imaginer S. heureux in der Klosterpresse e.V. in der Paradiesgasse 10, 60594 Frankfurt ist noch über das Wochenende  17. und 18. Mai 2014 geöffnet.


Zu sehen sind Arbeiten von Alina DarmstadtJens LayLine KromMelissa Henderson und Oliver Hentrich. 

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Die begleitenden Worte „One must imagine Sisyphus happy“ zur Eröffnung  am 2. Mai 2014 sprach  Robyn Doty. In ihrer Rede schreibt Doty:

This art does not explain or define. This art does not provide meaning or justification- not for itself, not for you, not for life. This art acts life. It adds to life. It builds on a constantly torque-ing plane that cannot differentiate itself from the past, present or future save for a growing entropy that is noticed only by the human consciousness that experiences it. Time as experience, life as experience, art as experience drags into consciousness what has happened. Each moment is once and now. Every moment is once and now. What is added to time is added to life and these pieces by Melissa Henderson, Alina Darmstadt, Line Krom, Jens Lays, and Oliver Hentrich add to life by acting as life and adding to the universal consciousness…



… Melissa Henderson’s ‘Undercurrents’ emphasized the entropic nature of life and thus of art. A once clean and empty surface slowly darkens with ink. The ink cannot return and the white cloth cannot be rid of the black ink. Such is life. One cannot undo what has already been finished.


Alina Darmstadt’s work focuses on a similarly entropic nature, but one we cannot notice is happening. During the exhibition there will not be a significant change of being within her works, rather they require time. Only if we stayed together with her works over one week or one month would we truly notice any change. Similarly to changes within ourselves and others our perception of difference is not often able to be seen in the moment, but rather is best viewed carried by time.

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Jens Lays works are frozen moments. Gestures found in time and preserved. Motions and movements have preceded us and we cannot return to them exactly, because they are lost to time and to the consciousness of another moment. Like memories and photographs they can only hint to what was and we in the present can only imagine what experience they have added.


Line Krom’s performance/installation capitalizes on the human context of memory and art as performance of life. Humans have a way of understanding best what we can easily translate to ourselves. Placing humans in the work allows us to experience the immediate differences of past, present and future of a work. Without the humans there is a certain void that is filled with the action of life and presence. Left alone the lines, mirrors and frames hold only the white void of recent and kinetic consciousness.


Oliver Hentrich’s folded canvases create tension from reduction as a form of anticipation and mystery of what once was and how it could be taken from us. Anticipation like mystery heightens the experience of a moment with the ever-present and fluid idea that anything could either be within the folds or come tumbling out of them. The withheld has power in its secrets while maintaining an ambivalently ambiguous nature of its contents.


Together these pieces act life. Multi-faceted and interconnected to time, kinetic energy and presence they emphasizes different aspects of what is, what could be, what might be and what has been. We now in this moment have, are, and will add to the ever-growing consciousness of life. These works, these mimics and actions of life give access to various human and natural entropic or captured experiences known to the people that create and experience them.


Die Ausstellung kann noch bis einschliesslich 18. Mai 2014  besichtigt werden. Geöffnet ist Samstag 17. Mai und Sonntag 18. Mai von jeweils 14 bis 17 Uhr.